August 14 (2020) Bangladeshi S01 Complete x264 WEB-DL 720p

August 14 (2020)
Quality: WEB-DL 
Resolution : 720p,480p 
Size: Variable
IMDb : / 10
Release Date :
Genres: Binge Exclusive | Crime | Thriller | Web Series 
Directors: Shihab Shaheen
Stars: Hindool Ray, Mashhur Goni Golpo, Masum Bashar
Language: Bengali

Storyline: After the blood-stained cloth, Tushi eats potato wedges. Fooling the caretaker of the house by imitating his mother’s voice, he leaves the house in the morning in search of Jimmy … After analyzing the inquest and all the information obtained, the police can understand that the mystery will be solved only when they find Tushi, the eldest daughter of the slain police officer couple. But no one knows where Tushi is! Real-Life Crime based 6 episode web series # August_14 has been created with the killer of the drug-addicted father and mother.



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